Hoedad Video Documentary Project

Hey folks. It's Tony Cardello, the son of Ralph Cardello and Kristi Olsen from the Potluck crew. Having grown up in and around the Hoedads, Inc. extended family, the lifestyle and myth of the collective has always been a strong element of my personal history. Now as an adult with a passion for storytelling via the medium of film, I find myself compelled to revisit and explore the Hoedad narrative as a documentary film project, produced through our production team, Materialist Forms.

To that effect, I would like to introduce you to my fellow filmmaker and production team member Nick Bruno. Together our aim is to craft an open and engaging account of who the Hoedads are and what they are all about.

With the 40th anniversary reunion just around the corner, we see this as a unique opportunity to film the related events and make contact with members residing within the region as well as those living outside of Oregon. We plan to be present for the events of the weekend and hope to gather contact information with the intention of setting up future interviews and conversations for use in the project. We couldn't be more excited to have been given the opportunity to attend the reunion and participate in chronicling the history, present and future of the co-op and its members.

We look forward to meeting with you all next weekend.


Tony Cardello   Nick Bruno


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